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The Language of SPA

The language of SPA has no barrier
It’s as pure as essential oil without a carrier
It whispers through water in a thermal spring
And raises my vibration when the Tibetan bowl sings

As if the clouds heard my cry and came rushing to ease my pain
Vichy and aromatherapy drip down my back like summer rain
It’s calm in the chaos, an umbrella in a storm
It flows through your senses and becomes your lifestyle norm

Gender, race, and social status, the language of SPA rises above
Because the only thing that matters, is how it wraps you up in a blanket of love
It carries no age, and wears no face
The language of SPA transcends time and travels at its own energetic pace

The language of SPA reminds you to recognize and value your self-worth
As it reconnects you to the healing benefits naturally provided by the earth
It fills my breath like salt from a Himalayan cave
And caresses my fears like the tides from an ocean wave

But yet, the language of SPA, some fail to hear
Though the mind, body, spirit dialect sounds oh so clear
You may have misconceptions, and associate its history with luxury, indulgence, and wealth
But when properly translated, you’ll find roots in self-care, mindfulness, and better health

You can only understand it if you’re willing and able
It may come to you in the sauna, during meditation, or on the massage table
The language of SPA is spoken around the globe
With a universal outfit…you know… the spa robe

The language of SPA makes no promises, it’s no magical fountain of youth
Instead it opens up your mind and encourages you to seek your own truth
Delivering unique messages in the silence that only you can see
Your “Soul’s Purpose Aligned” is what the language of SPA says to me

The language of SPAHH, YES, you can speak it too
Just close your eyes, now listen…what does SPA say to YOU? 

By:  India K. Robinson AKA The Spa Bunny

India K. Robinson, owner of The H.I.S Agency, LLC and founder of “Confessions of a Spa Bunny” is a travel and event planner, influential blogger, and spa guru who helps individuals to take the time to take a “time-out”. Her curated experiences focus on inspiring and educating women on self-care and self-love through spa and wellness centered activities, events, travel, and conversations.

Balancing a busy life as public administration professional, entrepreneur, writer, pet parent, and caregiver, India was inspired to create “Confessions of a Spa Bunny” over 2 years ago.  What started as video “confessions” and blog posts to educate individuals on the benefits of spa by highlighting different treatments, products, and experiences from around the world, quickly turned into a social spa movement with hosted wellness “time-out” events, retreats and trips, personalized spa concierge services, spa-industry media coverage, and individual wellness coaching and consulting.

A fan of the industry and spa connoisseur for over 10 years, India has experienced hundreds of spa treatments from over 50+ spas in the United States, Mexico, Caribbean, and Central America, making her quite the spa expert and consultant on spa etiquette and enhancing and perfecting the customer spa experience.

India is a native of Washington, DC and holds a Master in Public Administration from American University. She is an active member of the International Spa Association (ISPA), Washington Spa Alliance, and Wellness Warrior

Confessions of a Spa Bunny” TM
Copyright© 2016 The H.I.S Agency, LLC

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