shutterstock_3137382058 Types of Spas and What to Expect…

The spa industry is thriving and constantly evolving. I decided to write this brief break down to highlight eight specific spa segments. This is for anyone who is new to the spa market, hasn’t spa’d yet or just wants to understand these categories a little better. Welcome to Spa 101.

I highlighted Resort Spas, Destination Spas, Day Spas, Medical Spas, Wellness Spas, Mobile/Franchise Spas, Float Spas and Salt Room Spas. There is a brief description of each sector and some “Friendly Tips” below each section.

First, it’s time to break the outmoded belief that going to a spa is costly and out of reach. This is much like resolving an out dated or broken value system. The longstanding view that going to a spa costs a small fortune is passé. The truth is, spa and wellness are lifestyle assets for everyone! There’s plenty to choose from and you can have your pick!

Arizona is celebrated for having some of the best spa and wellness facilities in the world. There are abundant first-class and dynamic options here and although I may be a bit bias, Arizona’s spa facilities are vastly different and fabulously unique. We are really lucky!

Discovering your spa-vibe can be extremely fun. I suggest trying all of these different ways to spa, if you have the chance. You might find you love them all or find a few new favorites. It can be a magical and magnificent personal journey. There are infinite nuggets of relaxation, joy and inspiration in the maze of spa and new adventures!

Here’s to finding yours!