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Salt and Quality of Life…

By Hugh Brewer, Co-Founder of Elemeants

How to serve your community profitably through an all-natural drug-free therapy.

What do salt and wellness have in common? Opportunity! An opportunity to help improve the quality of life for pulmonary and dermatological sufferers as well as to help accelerate performance recovery in athletes. And an opportunity to add high margin revenue directly to the bottom line.

This informative blog series will take a holistic look at Halotherapy. We’ll answer questions that will both edify and prepare one to make an objective assessment for entering the business; what is a Halotherapy environment? What are the benefits for your clientele? What are the contributing factors to the adoption of this service throughout the U.S.? What is a normal capital investment?  What internal rates of return are expected? How much space and staff resources need to be allocated to add this service?  Etc.

SALT1_354219518Once viewed as a fringe modality provided by small independent business owners, Halotherapy (dry aerosolized salt environments) is being avidly embraced by the wellness community, propelling the all-natural service into mainstream America. The result is evidenced by the exponential adoption of this therapy by the hospitality industry; Destination Spas and Resorts, Hotels, Day Spas and multi-location businesses alike.

Today, there are more than 150 Halotherapy centers across the U.S. whereas just five years ago there were 30.

To begin, we should first take a very brief look at the evolution of Halotherapy. The origin of Halotherapy, or what is commonly referred to today as Salt Therapy, is found in eastern Europe and extends to Medieval times. It was observed that consistent exposure to a salt cave environment – stable temperature, humidity, air pressure, and lack of airborne pollutants – helped improve the condition of those who suffered from respiratory ailments.

In the 19th century it was documented that salt mine workers were healthier than the general population. What developed from these observations was a treatment called Speleotherapy, the practice of sitting in salt caves for therapy. Modern research advancements discovered that the aspiration of extremely fine dry salt particles could replicate the healthful effects found in Speleotherapy. Today this process is called Halotherapy.

Offering this service requires only two components – a Halogenerator and an environment. A Halogenerator micronizes pharmaceutical grade salt and blows it into the air. A Halogenerator system is the only element consistent in ALL Halotherapy businesses. What varies widely is the environment in which the therapy is offered. This ranges widely from austere and clinical to cave-like or elegant.

If there is one decision an owner can make that greatly impacts the longevity and financial success of a Halotherapy business, it would be to take the clients’ total experience into consideration. The ideal environment promotes healing, relaxation and meditation and serves to function well beyond  the Halotherapy itself.   In Part 2 of this series on Salt Therapy, we will explore the benefits and the many ways a well-designed room will ensure your clients will make YOUR Salt Room a regular ritual.

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