General Membership

Complimentary General Memberships are available for Operators, Students and people who are interested in the Arizona spa and wellness market. The goal is to promote market growth, mentorship, industry insight and information sharing. It is our hope you will utilize and engage in spa and wellness as a part of your regular lifestyle, thrive as an operator and excel as a student.

This Membership includes:

  • Monthly Newsletters & Special Announcements
  • Industry insights and the local scoop on Arizona’s spa/wellness
  • Special Spa & Wellness Offers and Promotions
  • Invitations to participate and attend Community Events

Professional Membership

Complimentary Professional Memberships are available for all spa and wellness industry professionals. This includes resort General Management, Owners, Spa Directors, Supervisors, Managers and Department Leads. This is Arizona’s  spa and wellness leadership segment for those who are dedicated to serving the highest good of the industry.

Membership includes:

  • Monthly Newsletters & Special Announcements
  • Invitations to industry networking mixers
  • Invitations to our leadership luncheons
  • Invitations to participate and promote your property, spa or services at our Affiliate Public and Community B2C Events
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Vendor and Affiliate Membership

Vendor and Affiliate Memberships  are available by request with a standard network enrollment fee. This type of membership is for businesses, companies and organizations who are interested in building B2B and B2C relationships through our network and platform.

Spa and Wellness businesses, product companies and/or service providers seeking a dedicated Arizona based Spa and Wellness Network that supports B2B and B2C networking and industry growth.

Join the Arizona Spa & Wellness Association with a one-time network enrollment fee of $1,000.00. There are no annual renewals.

Because the spa and wellness market is always changing. This new structure enables you to become a member of the Arizona Spa & Wellness Association without recurring annual membership costs. This supports a stronger ROI, creates a wider network and audience and helps us grow, to help you grow.


Membership includes:

  • 1 Network Membership
  • 1 dedicated company welcome and introduction email
  • 1 Company listing on website
  • Monthly newsletter inclusion by request with your submission links & special offers
  • Invitations to networking events
  • Invitations to Community & Affiliate events and initiatives
  • Opportunities to sponsor B2B and B2C networking events
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