Meet Steven Spiro

Meet Steven Spiro

Steven Spiro, CEO and Founder of Global Halotherapy Solutions will be presenting a session on How Salt Therapy Can Improve Your Business at our upcoming Arizona Spa & Wellness Conference on May 16.

One of the biggest challenges in the Spa & Wellness industry is labor–quantity, quality and cost. As Arizona’s Spa & Wellness founder, Mia Mackman says “Service modalities that can be automated, like Halotherapy, will be more and more critical for Spa financial sustainability now, and in the future.”

This presentation will focus on why the demand for Halotherapy is booming and the variety of product/service offerings you can easily integrate and provide for your guests.

Steve has over 35 years of highly successful business expertise, blending 15 years of discipline and structure working at large consumer electronics/technology companies and 20 years with entrepreneurial businesses; in multiple executive roles and as an angel investor. He was on the original startup team of digital audiobook company, which was sold to for $300 million.

Steve also has tremendous international business experience as well, having lived in Tokyo and China for Motorola and managing 60 distributors in 40 countries. He is very passionate about health & wellness and he had his own personal renewal 25 years ago after spending a week at Canyon Ranch in Tucson. To learn more about Steve visit can be reached at 

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