Meet Julie Bach

Meet Julie Bach

Julie is the Executive Director of Non Profit Wellness for Cancer with the objective of improving well-being for people touched by cancer. Julie will be presenting a session on Nourishing Joy Through Wellness and Leadership on May 16 at our Arizona Spa & Wellness Conference at the Royal Palms Resort and Spa in Phoenix, AZ. Her presentation will share ways to build and lead your team to finding more joy in their work, life and guest experiences.

Julie is a thought leader within the Global Wellness Institute, recognized for bridging the medical world with the world of wellness. She has provided cancer-focused consulting and training to thousands of staff members in spas, hospitals, not-for profits, throughout Europe, United States, Mexico, Canada, and India.

Julie owned, operated and was the lead therapist at Vail’s first day spa which not only was awarded top day spa 5 years in a row, but her spa was the first spa to launch a cancer outreach program 15 years ago with the local cancer center. For the past 5 years, the local cancer center raises over $750,000 a year during its annual Pink Vail Event and proceeds from this event send patients and their caregivers to spas and wellness days.

Julie is a yoga, meditation, and mindfulness teacher and owns a mindfulness center in Eagle, Colorado. Her signature workshop is “Mindful Leadership: What I did not learn at Harvard Business School.” And her signature 3- day retreat is “Falling in to Happiness”. Julie believes that happiness is not something that you look for, it is something that you are, naturally.

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