Meet CG Funk

Meet CG Funk

CG Funk of Funk Spa Consulting will be presenting a session on The Healing Work of Spas at our upcoming conference on May 16 at the Royal Palms Resort and Spa in Phoenix.

This presentation will offer a brief history of complementary medicine in the United States and an in depth look into the amazing world of therapeutic touch modalities and the human body.

CG Funk is a 25 year veteran in the massage and spa industries. Her roles have included executive leadership, school administration, corporate trainer, massage curricula and program developer, writer, instructor and massage business owner. As an inspirational speaker and storyteller, CG is a sought after guest lecturer and presenter at many industry trade shows and conferences.

CG holds a deep belief in the healing power of therapeutic touch and is a passionate mentor and supporter of massage therapists and estheticians and their careers. CG was honored with the One Concept Lifetime Achievement Award in 2013, was inducted into Massage Therapy Hall of Fame in 2012 and received a distinguished partner award from the Federation of State Massage Boards in 2015.

CG owns and operates Funk Spa Consulting specializing in spa franchise operations, training development and facilitation and works with Spas to standardize their back of house operations including service protocols, policies, procedures and training systems.

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