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Insider’s Guide to Spas

We are pleased to share Mary Bemis’ article on Insider’s Guide to Spas about the Arizona Spa & Wellness Association. It’s a clear and concise look at the Association, what we do, why and how.

By Mary Bemis: Editor’s Note: This is the second in an Insider’s Guide to Spas’ series showcasing regional spa groups. The series was inspired by the historic gathering of the nation’s regional spa groups at the Washington Spa Alliance’s Annual Symposium at the National Press Club in DC. When I first called on all of the various leaders of the regional spa groups [as a founding WSPA Board member and Symposium Chair], I had no idea that they would actually come together, or that it would amount to anything—but it certainly did. Today, I’m so proud to see the regional and national groups really working together for the first time.”

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“Insiders Guide to Spas is a celebration of the people, the places, and the very fundamentals that make up the wonderful world of Spa. Our mission is simple—to keep Spa Culture alive. Think of Insider’s as a watering hole where we gather to share our experiences and ideas and to learn about new treatments and new places to visit. After all, spas grew up around bodies of water—hot springs and lakes and rivers—places where people laid down their weapons to take the waters. Spas have always been places of refuge. Step inside, and let us gently guide you.” 

To learn more about Mary Bemis and Insider’s Guide to Spas please visit: Insider’s Guide to Spas  

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