Four Values to Support Your Success

//Four Values to Support Your Success

Spa & Wellness Careers

10 Oct 2016. By Mia A. Mackman

There are countless options to consider when you choose a career in spa and wellness. You can pick from hundreds of different positions and personalize your role in nearly all of them. You can be an operator, aesthetician, therapist, healer, coach, manager or educator. You can also select from a marketplace of incredible products and brands and pursue production, formulation, distribution or sales, marketing, communications, health or travel.

The list goes on and on…

Education and mentorship are two important parts of your continued growth no matter which route you choose. There are fantastic education and training programs for all aspects of this industry. You can find courses for people just starting out, advanced learning and ongoing instruction in practically every area.

Mentorship and coaching are also wonderful ways to seek professional support. There are a number of rewarding global mentorship programs to choose from. You can also join industry associations and networking groups to expand your resources and meet more people. You may discover new lifelong friends or a mentor relationship on your own.

Four values to support your success on your journey in spa and wellness

FEEL: Do what feels right to you, even if it’s not always popular. This is a feel-good industry. It’s about making people feel nurtured, inspired, guided and loved. If you aren’t feeling good, how can you help others feel good in a genuine way? Seek friends, talk to a mentor or just make time to ask your yourself how you can honor what feels right to you.

ADAPT: Be adaptable. No matter what comes up, be adaptable. Embracing and accepting new phases of change is an invaluable skill. Being able to adapt in your career, with your clients, co-workers or team will inspire others to adapt and excel through transition and change. There are a lot of ways to do this, but being adaptable will avoid getting stuck.

CONNECT: Get connected. Reach out to local and regional associations, groups, organizations to meet like-minded people. This is a wonderful way to increase your peer groups, professional network, and resources.

LEARN: Keep learning. Education is essential. It helps keep you on your toes. This doesn’t just mean signing up for more classes, getting a new degree or certification. Learn a new application, hobby, or something that you’ve always wanted to learn. Learning comes in many forms. Each new skill you learn becomes an addition to your tool in your box.

The Spa and Wellness market will continue to evolve. We are an industry that cultivates and promotes transformation, self-awareness, and health. Keeping up with new information, getting connected and seeking supportive resources, will help empower you on your spa and wellness journey.

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