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The environment can create a number of challenges for our health. Everything from our agriculture and food to our energy levels and sleep patterns are touched by various aspects of our surroundings.

I originally wrote an article about personal health and the importance of detoxification after the Fukushima disaster in 2012. It has been 5 years since the Fukushima incident and the aftermath has been tracked in some remarkable reports and oceanic studies.

While radiation and environmental toxicity aren’t glamorous subjects, they deserve more air time than they get. Since 2012, we have seen a huge increase in detox options and treatments on the market. While there’s no doubt that the radiation levels post-Fukushima have had a tremendous impact on our oceans and air; effects on human health due to natural circumstance are important and worth talking about.

The biology of our body is naturally built to heal in the right conditions. Unfortunately, our bodies are not naturally prepared or equipped to eliminate pollution and the toxic buildup that we are regularly exposed to. So how do we fight the contaminants of our environment to preserve and protect our planet and our well-being?


Random choices, stress and our basic intake of food and water; all leave imprints on our cellular construct. Detoxification has become a necessary part of life for a variety of different reasons for different people. I have learned a lot about this over the years, for my own health and found, detox to be a key ingredient to managing our overall health.

The more we know about our ecological circumstances, the better prepared we can be to take proactive steps to mitigate the negative effects on our wellbeing. Detoxification and cleansing programs have become common fixtures in spa and wellness. We see articles pop up on the benefits of detox everywhere. Detox programs are wonderful ways to take personal, immediate action and legitimate pathways that support mild, moderate or chronic disease prevention.


There’s nothing like a hot tub of salt, baking soda, herbs and essential oils at the end of a long day. This comes with a wonderful double benefit. First, this is irrefutably relaxing and soothing. Second, this is a proven way to remove toxins from the skin and body. I found 5 recipes for some amazing Detox Baths that you can try at home.

If the idea of detoxing is new to you, I found an excellent article on Detoxing for Beginners and it’s packed full of great information, tools and easy ways to get started.


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