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Our primary goal as an Association has always been to support information sharing, networking and industry growth. With our choice to expand the framework of the Arizona Spa & Wellness Association, we welcome public access to provide inclusion, education, program development, and ultimately create healthier communities in Arizona.

In Travel to Wellness Magazine’s 2014 Reader’s Survey, Arizona ranked 3rd in world for its perceived value as a top wellness destination. Being that, the State of Arizona has a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on wellness offerings and an international reputation for wellness. Yet according to the United Health Foundation, Arizona ranks 28th (falling from 26th in 2012) in America’s Health Rankings.

The numbers that drive Arizona’s lackluster state ranking are noteworthy: 1.2 million adults in Arizona are physically inactive, almost 1.4 million are obese, and more than half a million people are living with diabetes. Despite Arizona’s incredible offerings and international reputation for wellness, many people who live here are unaware of the tremendous resources, organizations and support networks that are available within their own reach.

As an Association, we have a unique opportunity to empower people by sharing key information and alternative health resources to promote wellness in Arizona. We can also educate people on the life-changing benefits of spa and wellness available in their own backyard. The more access and insight we can allocate as an industry, the better informed and aware we can be as a community. This will drive personal wellness engagement and foster better lifestyle choices.


Part of our role is to continue to disseminate valuable information on industry trends, emerging technologies, treatment protocols, and dynamic offerings outside the boundaries of customary spa and aesthetics menus. As we see the industry merge with the incredible advances in technology and methodology, we are excited to serve as the vehicle for that awareness and implementation in our community.

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