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In partnership with the spa and wellness community of Arizona, we have supported a number of different events tailored to the general public. These events have accelerated information and resources that support healthy living and lifestyle. These events also support the increase of spa and wellness engagement.

In the past, we have partnered with the Mountain Vista Medical Center and Physician Owners Group for the last two years, to support their Annual Women’s Health and Wellness Expo. This is one of the most powerful community events we support, touching nearly 500 attendees of all ages. Many of the attendees have never been to a spa, had a massage or experienced a professional manicure.

We have enjoyed bringing the best services, information, and experiences together to create a really fun experience for the community to increase new business for local organizations. Community events aim to help people explore new ways to relax and recharge, through local spa and wellness resources.

We love supporting these public events! They have a marked impact on the attendees. There were 39 vendors at our last event and this resulted in 39 lucky raffle winners! These community events are really fun and a rewarding way to promote spa and wellness.



Public Events


39 Raffle Winners