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The Arizona Spa & Wellness Association was created to unite the Arizona spa and wellness community and promote spa, wellness, healthy lifestyles, networking, information sharing and industry best practices.

Previously limited to industry professionals, as of October 3, 2014 the Association became an open public forum to support local businesses, provide spa, wellness and holistic health resources and engage in community health initiatives. This support strengthens community awareness and shares valuable information and resources with Arizona residents, destination tourism market and our national and global partners.

Our mission is simple, to continue to evolve in the spa and wellness market as a group of individuals, professionals and as a community. With a sense of renewed energy, the Arizona Spa and Wellness Association is going strong into 2017! As the market continues to grow year over year, we remember it takes teamwork, planning and inspired action to keep it moving!


  • Community Spa and Wellness engagement, utilization and self-awareness
  • Spa industry best practices and building new business relationships
  • Supporting Arizona’s destination Spa and Wellness tourism market


  • Industry evolution, mentorship and business best practices
  • Supporting healthy lifestyle assets, prevention and integration
  • Improving quality of life, longevity and health through information sharing
  • Networking and creating new opportunities for vertical market growth
  • Supporting leadership, conflict resolution and team management

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Q: How are we different from other Spa Associations?

A: We are the only Spa & Wellness Association in the U.S.A. Our platform extends beyond the traditional spa arena and reaches into Arizona’s community, medical, health and wellness sectors. We also have partnerships with schools, global mentorship programs and other regional and global industry networks.

Q: How many spas do you have in your network?

A: We have an open spa membership so we include a variety of resort spas, day spas and franchise spas in our network. We have strong resort spa engagement but we also include outlaying spas and independent spa owners as well.

Q: What kinds of events do you have?

A: We have industry luncheons, roundtable meetings and social networking events. We also support our network and affiliate partners with community health initiatives to support spa and wellness utilization and brand awareness through a variety of community wellness events, including Global Wellness Day events and activities.

Q: How do I attend a professional industry event?

A: These events are limited to industry professionals, Owners, General Managers, Spa Directors, Supervisors, Leads and participating Association Vendors and Affiliates. These are semi-private functions and you must be pre-qualified to attend. If you are an operator and unsure if you meet this criteria, please reach out to us using the Contact Us page.

Q: How can I promote my products, services or business through the Association? 

A: Our Vendor and Affiliate Network Membership allows you to have a steady, wider reach and access to event sponsorship options. If you are interested in becoming a member please visit our membership page and contact us to request a Vendor/Affiliate application.

Q: How can I be featured in emails and/or newsletters?

A: There are two ways to be featured in our emails and newsletters. First, as a Spa or Wellness Facility. Second, as a Vendor or Affiliate. We are happy to share your news, announcements and special promotions. Please submit all interests and inquiries by email or via our contact page in time for our monthly newsletters or special announcements.

Q: What is on the event calendar for 2017?

A: We are regrouping the Association and planning the 2017 calendar right now. There have been a lot of changes made to the Association over the years and we are planning some exciting events for the upcoming year, including a main event and vendor showcase.

Q: How can I get involved as a student or newcomer to the industry?

A: If you want to become involved or volunteer for special events please reach out and let us know. If you want to inquire about mentorship, please use the contact page to describe your current role, your aspirations and location. We are always interested in meeting new, talented and dedicated professionals and welcome your energy and enthusiasm.

Q: How can I get involved and support Global Wellness Day as a spa or business?

A: Global Wellness Day is an entirely non-profit organization that raises awareness about global health and wellness through spa, hospitality and community initiatives. Please visit globalwellnessday.org or contact:

GWD Ambassador U.S.A. Mia Mackman at mia.mackman@globalwellnessday.org