2017 Arizona Spa & Wellness Conference

Tuesday May 16th

Royal Palms Resort and Spa

Our first annual spa and wellness conference included industry leaders and speakers from around the country. The focus of this conference was on networking, information sharing and ways to continue to maximize Arizona’s regional industry growth. Conference topics included a variety of areas from emerging value propositions to recent industry data, salt room therapy, equipment and ROI, digital marketing, manufacturing and new technologies. We also featured segments on alternative health, day-to-day operations, and wellness programming.

We were happy to celebrate this first inaugural conference at the beautiful Royal Palms Resort & Spa in Phoenix. Built in 1929, the Royal Palms is one of the very few properties in Phoenix listed with the Historic Hotels of America. This venue provided a beautiful setting for this unique event.

“The inaugural AZ Spa & Wellness Association event was fantastic! The information presented was great, the people who attended was the exact right mix, the energy both inside the room and at the networking times was very warm/powerful, CG Funk was a great emcee and obviously last, but not least, Mia’s leadership and passion shined through. When is the next one? I’m coming for sure!”
“I was very impressed with the Arizona Spa & Wellness Conference. I have spoken at nearly 250 different venues around the world…what impressed me at this conference was how the event flowed throughout the day with speakers and events right on time. This is rare for conferences. Also, I enjoyed the little cards that were on the table identifying each speaker and the program that provided details. I enjoyed the lecture area as well as the lunch area on the grass. This was very professional, run on time and you could feel the love. Congratulations to all who made this possible. Love and light, Steven Ross”
Steven Ross Ph.D., World Research Foundation

Event Highlights

We were thrilled to have a wonderful turnout for our First Annual Spa & Wellness Conference. A special thank you to all of our inaugural sponsors, fantastic speakers and attendees! With special thanks to CG Funk, Marissa Bernal, Kirk Gregor, Robert Vance, Angee Smithee and Teri Kramer, for your inspired action and support of Arizona’s spa and wellness market!

CG Funk was a masterful, Master of Ceremonies this year! We were lucky to have her and she kept the tight agenda running smoothly all day. Mary Bemis from Insider’s Guide to Spas and Paul Schmidt, Executive Director of the Green Spa Network also joined us to lend their support.

This event was an impressive expression of the spirit of the spa and wellness industry! It was a powerful day of phenomenal speakers, great information and unique relationship building. We are grateful for all of the support we had to make this event possible and we are already planning our second annual conference for next year!

To view pictures of this event, check out our 2017 Spa & Wellness Conference album on Facebook.

Featured Speakers

Steven Ross, Ph.D.

World Research Foundation, Founder

The Heart, Mind and Nature of Healing

Steven A. Ross, Ph.D. founder of the World Research Foundation presents an inspiring session on The Heart, Mind and Nature of Healing.

This presentation is an overview of three different approaches to the use of subtle and physical energies in healing. Steve’s presentation will begin with three healers from the past who utilized the mind, heart and elements in Nature to accomplish incredible healings. The healers were J.R. Newton, P.P. Quimby and Paracelsus. The presentation will continue with a discussion of the energies utilized in Qigong, distant healing and the physical gifts that nature provides.

Steve has appeared on hundreds of radio stations and made more than two hundred lectures on both scientific and spiritual topics. Steve has consulted for hospital associations, the insurance industry, governmental agencies and various philosophical groups.

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Les Kollegian

Jacob Tyler Brand + Digital Agency, CEO

Make Your Marketing Count in the Smallest Moments

Les Kollegian, CEO of Jacob Tyler Brand + Digital Agency will be presenting a session on how “Make Your Marketing Count in the Smallest Moments.”

 This session showcases the growth of mobile marketing and how to capture audiences based on a consumer’s immediacy of need. Les’ goal is to create an internal experience that fosters award-winning campaigns, and an external experience that leaves his clients wanting more.

 Les is a certified Google speaker and delivers presentations regularly at design conferences and Universities on the topics of Mobile Marketing, Web Design, Omnichannel Marketing, Creative Strategy, Branding, and Usability. His current clients range from start-up companies to Fortune 500 firms, that include Four Seasons Hotels, Ritz-Carlton, Hilton, Marriott, Hensel Phelps, San Diego Airport, YMCA, and TED.
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Expert Industry Speakers

Please visit our News & Blog to meet and learn more about these exciting speakers!

Michael Q. Pugliese

The Science and Value of Circadian Rhythms

Circadia by Dr. Pugliese
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Steve Spiro

How Salt Therapy Can Improve Your Business

CEO Global Halotherapy Solutions
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Jessica Wadley

Global Manufacturing Best Practices & New Advances in Sustainability

VP U.S. Spa & Massage Oakworks
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Sammy Gharieni

Advanced Technologies, New Equipment and Relaxation

CEO Gharieni Group
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Kirk Gregor

The Crazy, Complex World of Arizona State Licensing

Village Health Clubs & Spas
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CG Funk

The Powerful Healing Work of Spas and Industry Growth

Consultant at Funk Consulting
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Julie Bach

Nourishing Joy Through Wellness and Leadership

Founder of Wellness for Cancer
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Stacey Do

The Evolution of Plants and Their Active Principles

Corporate Educator for Yon-Ka Paris
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Larry Egbert

Supply and Demand for Modern Textiles and Sobel Westex

National Director of Spa & Fitness, Urbana
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Robert Michael deStefano

How Spas Can Shift the Global Sleep Paradigm

Co-Founder of Longeva
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Celeste Hilling

Retail Support and Powerful Integrations Using Technology

CEO Skin Authority
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