The Arizona Spa & Wellness Association was created to unite the Arizona spa and wellness community and promote networking, information sharing, and industry best practices. We support Arizona’s industry, market share, and vertical market growth through diverse resources and building great relationships.

Recognized for world-class spa and wellness, Arizona is home to remarkable nature, international tourism and extraordinary health and hospitality. Spa and wellness come together and cultivate lifestyle programs, new value propositions, and healthy business.

Arizona received 43 million visitors in 2016, spending $21 billion or $58 million a day. Hospitality and Tourism are some of  Arizona’s top export businesses.

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World Wellness Weekend Sept 22-23 2018

A weekend to relax and revive body, mind & mood? Enjoy near your home, two full days of sensations, surprises, and great deals to take care of yourself, with friends or family!

From Fiji to Hawaii, 50 countries celebrate wellness, with hundreds of spa professionals, beauty salons, thermal springs, fitness, sport, and tourism ready to take your breath away. Discover relaxing massages, soothing face treatments, fun yoga / Pilates /dance classes, creative workshops, inspiring conferences, uplifting hikes at no charge…

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  • The Only Spa & Wellness Association in the U.S.A.
  • Arizona’s #1 Spa & Wellness Business Network
  • Full Spectrum Insurance Benefits in Partnership with NFP
  • FREE Community Spa and Wellness Resources
  • One-Time Vendor and Affiliate Lifetime Memberships
  • World-Class Destination Properties and Celebrated Wellness Facilities

What People Are Saying

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mia when I was a Spa Director in AZ a few years ago and now as a vendor. I am so happy to be a part of such a great association again!”
Maria De Simone, Beauty Prophet
“Great association. Provides useful information about industry trends and is an excellent networking tool for industry professionals in Arizona.”
“Kudos to Mia for creating a valuable state-wide association that brings together population health and community wellness initiatives with spa and hospitality companies all while promoting Arizona’s tourism assets.”
“Amazing association and leadership!! So grateful for them and all the wealth of information they give!!”
“I could not be more sincere in saying that joining this Association has been absolutely the best decision I have made since moving to Arizona. I could have never dreamed of an association being so incredibly helpful and welcoming.”
Suzanne Landvatter, Phytomer USA
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